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The thing I cannot comprehend is why 'Wogs' (Southern European Christians) aline with Arab Muslims for the sack of a derogatory word...in England the term 'wog' is directed at Blacks.

These Europeans are race traitors who seem to have forgotten our past, or are unaware of it! Europeans have had many hostilities towards Arabs, and Islam throughout the Centuries.

Tho our people resisted and combined forces thus the Crusades emerged, fighting Islam back out of Europe.

Europeans are very culturally different too any other ethnicities, vice versa..just because you live in the same suburbs or are called a same derogatory term, does not make you any closer relations to these people, your ancestors would be turning in their graves.

Long live Europa!!
Person 1: Look at that wog!
Person 2: who the arab or the greek?
Person 1: were all the same cuzzy
by Tony koelt February 12, 2011

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