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Fondling. Tampering. Nudging. Can be used in a variety of ways.
I didn't fuck with it to much. I just kinda gave it a little didlit.
by Tony Tornado February 18, 2009
a threesome that consists of all dudes
That guy is fucking two other guys. They're having a dudesome.
by Tony Tornado October 12, 2008
he/she who slaps dongs
I was asleep. I felt a harsh blow on my dong. I believe I fell victim to a dongslapper.
by Tony Tornado February 18, 2009
A person who suddenly cares about science when major science news is happening. Comparable to a "sunday christian."
"This Mars landing sure is bringing a lot of 'sunday scientists' out of the wood work."
by Tony Tornado August 09, 2012
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