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Keeley Hazell is a 21 yr old british glamour model with great boobs. She has been on the front of lots of magazine covers.
random guy 1: omg keeley hazell!
random guy 2: kool! i like her tits!
by Tony Scarface Montana August 29, 2008
A cheap ass movie about to retards who fall in love at some karioke party or some shit.
A movie about what ppl think high school is like. Well suprise! It's a bullshit movie! ppl dont be happy and sing at highschool! Disney makes a whole bunch of other retarded movies in its history like snow white and shit... Gay old fashioned movies. But now disney is making plain crap movies about trannys and shit. Zac Efron looks like a fuckin girl... fucking tranny. Vanessa Hudgens is a plain slut. Asley tisdale is a half plastic snobby girl.
girl: Hey, wanna watch high school musical?
boy: fuck off you bitch! HSM is for homos who have no life.
girl: *cries*
Mother: Now now sweetheart, its true what your brother says.
by Tony Scarface Montana July 17, 2008
a sick piece of abo shit. they are nothing but a waste of space. all they do is mooch money and smokes off people, hoping to get rich enough to buy half decent drugs. they are also known to raid petrol stations as a cheap way of getting high. abo kids have been known to do that in the country towns.
kid: Mommy! that black piece of shit is stealing the petrol out of our car!
Mother: eww! disgusting! im gonna call the cops!
Abo: no! i need it! i need to get high!
Mother: fuck off you filthy boong!
by Tony Scarface Montana July 10, 2008
Getting fucked.
You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked - Tony Montana
by Tony Scarface Montana September 18, 2008
The thing under the barrel of Tony Montana's M16A2 that shoots grenades.
-Tony Montana as he blows open the door with his M16A2 with M203.
by Tony Scarface Montana September 13, 2008
What happens when you eat to much poison or junk food, fall really high, get hit by a car, train etc. get shot, beaten to death, get blown up, crash your car, plane, heli etc. or just die normally.
Grim Reaper: Ok, you gotta die now, you've lived too long.
Some Random Guy: Do I have to?
Grim Reaper: Yeah. Everyone has to face death sometime.
Ok, lemme get my shoe-*Bang*
Grim Reaper: Hey! I was supposed to kill him you dumb prick!
Shotgun Guy: Oh... My bad.
by Tony Scarface Montana October 18, 2008
A Russian mob guy in Liberty City on GTA IV. Niko works for him a bit.
Does this really need an example? Just play GTA IV and you will know who Vlad is.
by Tony Scarface Montana September 22, 2008

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