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Flaps, usually large, of the pussy that hold in the bloody mess that peaks it's evil self once a month.
Josh: "MY GOD!! When I pulled Betty's blood flaps aside about a quart of blood spilled out of her!!

Josh's Mom: GROSS!!
by tony sanchez January 19, 2007
Someone who loves to eat ass
Damn I was chowin down on this girls ass last night I'm a natural Assmite.

ass is to assmite
wood is to termite
by Tony Sanchez September 21, 2005
It's when you eat a chick out on her rag and you get blood all in your beard.

Betty: OH MY GOD!! I can't OH! believe your OH! doing this OH! on... my... period... OOOOOH!!

Josh: I know babe. Look take a picture you gave me a Bloody Castro.
by tony sanchez January 19, 2007
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