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This is the Italian F-bomb. Literally means to go take it in the ass. If administered correctly, it can leave the opposition in complete shock and awe. It also helps to make the Italian gesture that is synonymous with this expression, which is to put one hand in between the bicep and forearm of the other arm and to raise that arm with the palm of that hand towards yourself. Extremely effective to those who understand it.
Tommy Salami: Ay, Tony, wheis duh fuckin money you owe me from duh ting at duh place wit dat guy dee odduh day?
Tony Rigatoni: Vafanculo.
Tommy Salami: ........
by Tony Rigatoni June 24, 2004
Also known as a taper. A type of haircut originally attributed to young urban black men and then popularized by 5th generation 16-26 year old Italian-Americans living in the New York/New Jersey suburbs. It is like a fade that stops right above the ear and about 2-3 inches above the neckline, allowing the hair on the rest of the head to be longer. If taken to the next level, by meticulously putting 3 pounds of gel onto the scalp and twisting locks of hair into "spikes," it becomes a blow out. Accessories required to complete the "neo-guido" look: Black Armani Exchange/FCUK sleeveless shirt, Diesel Jeans, Armani Exchange belt, tasteless "jewel" encrusted necklace and/or watch, white Nike Air Force Ones, orange tan in the middle of December, waxed eyebrows, fake Brooklyn accent, IQ less than 90, Nextel permanently flipped open and implanted into the right hand, entry level luxury car or "hooked-up" ricer with italian flag reflector above the rear fender, Growing up Gotti Season One DVD. Italian heritage not necessary.
Tape up #1: Yo son im goin to da club with John Gotti tonite, nigga.
Tape up #2: Yo getdafuckouttahea nigga, you gotta show up to traffic court tonite for doin' 75 in a 20 in the G35 your mafioso father bought you.
Tape up #1: It's arite man my uncle Vincenzo is the prosecuta, ima be good son!
Tape up #2: Word, son! Hit up that nigga Gotti!
Tape up #1: Yo I was lyin son, I dont know him. I just wanted you to think I was da shit. I gotta stay home tonite anyway. Grandma made lasagna.
Tape up #2:..............yo your a pussy, kid.
Tape up #1: I know.....son.
by Tony Rigatoni June 23, 2005
Wide-nosed, delirious mothafuckas who are cold as ice. They should have NEVER gave those niggas money.
RIP Rick James, you will always be the OG Superfreak. Fuck MC Hammer.
by Tony Rigatoni August 25, 2004
The most ridiculous looking haircut to ever be sported by white people. It's an extra long tape up that is gelled into spikes, making the hair look like an extra greasy afro. A required hairstyle to grind with the true sluts in ANY Long Island club. The most famous, and arguably the original, blow outs are worn by Carmine and John Gotti Agnello, stars of A&E's "Growing Up Gotti." For accessories to complete the look, see tape up.
Blow out: Yo i spent 45 minutes gellin my fuckin heaa bitch you betta suck my salsicc'
True Slut: Ok but yo betta take me to the tanning salon when were done cuz im stahtin to turn white again.
Blow out: Arite whateva the fuck you say you fuckin cunt slut.
True Slut: Hee hee hee, Vinnie you ah so funny.
Blow out: Dats right bitch, I know John Gotti now get in my G35 and suck my dick.
by Tony Rigatoni June 23, 2005
The finest quality around. Guaranteed to hit the spot. After having your Dickens Cider Jugs to relieve the urge, you wont ever again settle for anything less.
When Larry came home after a long, hard day at work, he told his girlfriend Tiffany that he needed his Dickens Cider Jugs to take his mind off the stress.
by Tony Rigatoni September 05, 2004

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