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(Pronounced like napalm)

1. The act of sweet ass homosexual men regulating punishment on scandalous ass bitches in any way that they feel is necessary for the level of trifling that went down. (Most common usage)

2. The act of literally being slapped by the hand of a homosexual for being a trifling ass bitch.

3. The hand belonging to a homosexual that slaps bitches who trifle.
1. "Tony did you hear about that little bitch talking to your man? I think we should gaypalm his ass. Let's tell everybody he has the herp."

2. "James, you have to tell the story about when you were at the club and you had to gaypalm that bitch in the face for getting out of line."

3. "Step off hoe, I have a gaypalm with your name on it."
by Tony Lupo and James Michel December 10, 2006
1. The recipient of premeditated cuntiness. (See gaypalm)

2. A trifling-ass homo slut who gets caught whoring his ass out and gets gaypalmed by other gays who are smart enough to see through that shit.
"Oh hell no! His trifling ass knew y'all were dating, and STILL tried to get with your man? Let's gaypalm his ass. The shady bitch will be nothing more than a gaypawn when this shit is over with."
by Tony Lupo and James Michel March 25, 2007

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