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To become a prison bitch this is what you do:
1. Act afraid and submissive
2. Stare at people
3. Talk about how much you like cock
4. Pick fights and lose... badly
5. Tattle
Seth became a prison bitch after he was arrested for raping comatose patients.
by Tony Lucianno September 23, 2006
The Shamu Express is when you sneak into Sea World and go into the whale tank. You sedate the whale and then proceed to fuck it in the blowhole.
I was bored at Sea World so I took the Shamu Express.
by Tony Lucianno September 23, 2006
The barnyard fuck is where you sneak into a farm/barn and rape all the animals in the ass with some apparatus. For Example: Broom handle, cucumber, baseball bat, knife, etc. Don't ever do this.
Hey Seth let's go to my dad's ranch and have a barnyard fuck ... Our chickens are ovulating.
by Tony Lucianno September 23, 2006
This is where you sneak into the comatose ward of the hospital and have sex with all the coma patients to try to wake them from their comas. This is actually for your own sexual gratification and does not help their condition whatsoever. Never do this.
Seth snuck into the hospital and enjoyed a carnal comatose ... Then he was arrested for rape and spent fifty years in prison, where he was raped in the ass.
by Tony Lucianno September 23, 2006

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