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2 definitions by Tony Kennedy

Houzo. A person that lives in housing commission or in the area of Toongabbie or wentworthviile in sydney. A houzo tends to live in pour quality housing and known to sleep on soiled beds. Houzos are also knows as yobbos or slackers. Getting money from the government and only paying $50 rent houzos have allot of time on their hands allowing them to save up dole money to get a computer, and wanking to vast amounts of free online porn. Some housing commission houses are of high quality but are surrounded by busy roads or smelly creeks. A housing com` area can be identified by large amounts of beer bottles in the parks and huge rubbish piles in a front yard. Houzos tend to drink VB or tooheys. Houzos are in conflict over there choice in beer. wentworthviile = Tooheys Toongabbie = VB

Houzos are complex ppl that want something for nothing. houzos are heavy drinkers and somkers, of anything somkeable. Often quitting smoking to save money, getting drunk and smoking again - Unable to stay clean and sober for more then one hour.

The haircut of a houzo is the classic 'mullet cut' and a houzo often is not clean shaven unless a centerlink interview is due.

Transport - old rusty cars that leak oil and are running... barely. Public transport is the choice of many houzos due to the fact that they cant be stuffed to get their "L's" at the age of 40.

Many houzos are your best mate if u bring a 6 pack or a keg.
I went past Wentworhtviile yesterday, I saw heaps of houzos.

by Tony Kennedy August 21, 2007
An asshole that copied apple computers and got rich off it, He makes shitty software that crashes every half hour, it gets infected with spyware and viruses and is "dll hell". He still copies apple till this day. Vista took him 5 years to make because every year apple made something new and he had to find out a way to put it into vista... If u don't believe me, go to youtube and type in 'apple vs vista' or 'apple adds'
Oh crap my windows has crashed again.. Get a mac!

What do air con's and computers have in common? They both stop working when you open windows.

Lets Throw an apple pie at Bill Gates.
by Tony Kennedy August 20, 2007