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1.) To fuck a somebody with aggressive force.
2.) To brutalise a girls vagina
look bitch, shut your face... im going to powerfuck your brown box; -greekstud

Im going to powerfuck her monkey cunt! - T.H.F

would you like me to powerfuck you, and brutalise your cunt?
by Tony Hughes November 16, 2005
When the pussy lips are burnt like roast beef.

When the external lining of the vagina is dark dark brown.

Dark beef curtains (brown box, brown snatch)
shit shes got a brown snatch!!

damn! dogs, cows, sheep, pig, horses all have brown snatch!

hi jeff; Do asian girls have brown snatch?
by Tony Hughes November 16, 2005
An asian girls vagina.

The(brown snatch)surrounding anatomy of an asian girls vagina.

An asian kid with more videogames than Nintendo.

A hypoactive asian child acting foolish or childish.
Show me that young gook twat!

Look at that gook twat playing his videogames again!!

HEY!! I said stop it!! Stop being a GOOK TWAT!!
by Tony Hughes November 18, 2005

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