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A term derived from the text Unlock Reality which spawned the term Unlock Reality (UR) and the UR-Effect. It is a phenomenon felt by people in the days prior to reading the text Unlock Reality.

It describes a feeling of increased synchronicity with the universe that extends beyond mere coincidence. Examples include locating objects of desire in strange places and meeting long lost friends.

It is similar though distinctive to the UR-Effect as it is a sense of recognising an emerging pattern from seeming randomness, as oppose to the more complete sense of connectivity associated with the UR-Effect.

The Pre-UR-Effect was first noted on the Care2 network as members of the Prepare to Unlock Reality group recorded personal events as they waited for Unlock Reality bookcrossing manuscripts to reach them in the post.
The Pre-UR-Effect began for Chris when she started to find the exact things she really wanted and had been looking for at extremely low prices.

Jane felt the full force of the Pre-UR-Effect as she bumped into a long lost school friend as she went to pick up a bookcrossing copy of Unlock Reality from the post office.
by Tony Hartly October 04, 2006
A term derived from the text Unlock Reality which spawned the term Unlock Reality and the abbreviation UR, used to describe the happy, uplifted sense of connectivity, often accompanied by a burst of creativity and the desire to follow childhood dreams, which many feel after reading Unlock Reality.
Elizabeth has been feeling the UR-Effect since reading a bookcrossing copy of Unlock Reality and been writing loads of UR poetry and feeling very happy.
by Tony Hartly September 29, 2006

An ‘Unlocker’ refers to a member of an Unlock Reality (UR) Internet group, or a reader of the text Unlock Reality (the underground book, which claims to explain the Construction of the Universe in terms that anyone can understand).

Unlockers seek to be UR and general enjoy a sense of the UR-Effect, or the Pre-UR-Effect.

Example of use: “Are you an Unlocker?” “Yes I’m an Unlocker, I’m a member of a mayspace Unlock Reality UR group.


He’s an Unlocker, he read Unlock Reality yesterday.
by Tony Hartly November 11, 2006

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