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Neo-progressive, new progressive, extreme progressive, the opposite of Neocon

Neopros are the mirror image of their Neocon counterparts, they are extreme in their views, highly judgmental, conspiratorial, and intolerant of those who do not share their exact ideology. Like a backward mirror image, they are as non-productive as the Neocons are productive. Neopros reject the Democratic Party, (the major Party closest to their beliefs) while the Neocons fully embrace the Republican Party. Neocons use a strong popular message, while Neopros use complicated language attracting only like-minded people. Neopros believe they are the only true progressives.
The consensus of the Neopros was that Kucinich lost popular appeal because he is Democrat.
by Tony Hale May 04, 2008
(met'a foo foo) n.pl. 1. misconceived or misinformed opinions regarding ontology or cosmology, especially popular anthropologic interpretations of Quantum Mechanics or String Theory. 2. The film What the Bleep Do we Know is an example of Metaphoophoo.
He was talking all this metaphoophoo about how he would finally get his life in order, if he could only master living in more than one parallel reality.
by Tony Hale January 26, 2008
America’s Iron Curtain, the wall of infotainment that prevents Americans from getting the information most important to their daily lives. The consolidated mainstream media eclipsing free speech with commercial speech.
Corporate greed and the Right Wing agenda have been served by confining America behind a Wide Screen High Definition Wall.
by Tony Hale May 12, 2008
MOP Disorder or Multiple Online Personality Disorder

A disorder affecting people who have a page on all the popular social networking sites.

In medical terms, a neurotic compulsion to create and maintain multiple online social network personae each of which becomes dominant and controls the behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the non-virtual personality.
I have like no idea what the weather was like today; I spent the whole day maintaining my MOPD—I guess I should embed a weather feed.
by Tony Hale May 12, 2008
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