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Post or Zip code for Punchbowl, a lower working-class neighborhood in Sydney, south-west of the city. Notorious for organized crime, Punchbowl has been home to many crime family feuds. Mob wars between rival families have led to much bloodshed, one of the most famous being the Darwiche, Razzak, and Fahda family feud that erupted in the early 2000's.

It is neighbored by the Lakemba and Wiley Park areas, which have more street crime than organized.
On the 1st of November, 1998, Lakemba Police Station was riddled with bullets, forcing it to close down for the safety of the officers and detectives. It was allegedly done to teach the authorities a lesson for interfering with illegal businesses. The suspects were believed to be connected with the mob in Punchbowl. The only man arrested for the shooting till date was released, acquitted in 2013.

Telopea Street is located in the 2196 area of Punchbowl. At one time, the entire street was completely controlled by gangsters and was the place responsible for the plotting of many homicides, drug trafficking, loansharking, bookmaking, illegal gambling, prostitution etc.

The Darwiche, Razzak and Fahda crime family feud was recently reignited when the Boss of the Darwiche family was murdered in 2009.

In 2003, weapons, including rocket launchers, were believed to be stolen from the Australian army. The suspects were all from, or connected to, Punchbowl crime families. Included in the plot was Fidel Aouad, a convicted mobster, currently serving a tripple-life sentence, and Eddie Darwiche, a former mob boss, serving double-life plus 20 years.
by Tony Giamatti July 04, 2013
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