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Sophisticated race car driven in the CART racing series. Champ Cars are high tech racing machines requiring a high level of skill.
Champ cars are the highest level of open wheel racers in North America.
by Tony George September 26, 2003
THE premier US open wheel series, featuring fabulous venues, fantastic drivers, and rocking turbo-charged engines.
I thought if I brought my hammer to work every day, I could kill CART, but instead it is my beloved ego-tripping EARL that is dying.
by Tony George September 29, 2003
A fat ass Alaskan igloo dweller Who loves the IRL. Suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder leading him to believe "lefty" and his right hand mate "Fistina" love him for his personality. Hates CART and does not believe anyone atttends their races.
Wilke screws fistina while arguing with Lefty about Phoenix attendence in 1995.
by Tony George September 26, 2003
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