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Kappa Delta Phi is a National Fraternity founded on April 14, 1900 at Bridgewater Normal School (Bridgewater State College) in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Kappa Delta Phi is a fraternity comprised of men involved in a wide variety of professional fields. Its members are encouraged to achieve their potential scholastically and socially so that they will be qualified to be capable and respected representatives of their profession. Furthermore, Kappa Delta Phi emphasizes the value and necessity of conducting professional, educational, and philanthropic programs in addition to their regular undergraduate studies. Projects vary as do Chapters, but the aim is the same:

1. To educate and broaden the Brotherhood.
2. To promote professional attitudes and the seeking of truths within their fields.
3. To recognize that the brotherhood of man transcends Kappa Delta Phi, so Brothers must extend a hand beyond the Fraternity.

Kappa Delta Phi is a Nationally recognized Fraternity founded in 1900 at Bridgewater State College.
by Tony DeMarco February 09, 2008
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