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2 definitions by Tony Ceto

Doctor Scott (born in the early 1980's) is the stage name of Scott Winter. Winter, a rapper from San Francisco's Sunset District, is known as much for his looks and exotic women, as he is for his eclectic music. Well remembered for his musical dedications to large women, also referred to as SSBBW's. Such songs include "2 Tickets" and "Foreplay 2 FourWay". He most recently teamed up with San Leandro standout YB to release the album "Welcome 2 Hollyweird".
My favorite song is 'Pop Music Killed My Baby' by Doctor Scott & Dick Swift
by Tony Ceto June 11, 2007
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Hyphy is a movement, much like Hip Hop. Based on several different elements of the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle. Breakdancing has been replaced by doing The Furley, and other activities have been replaced by side shows, and doing extacy. Compared to Crunk, but very different in reality. Popularized by rappers such as E-40, Mac Dre, Doctor Scott, Mistah F.A.B. & The Team
In the Bay we get Hyphy and go Stupid, double dookie fuckin' poo poo Dumb !!
by Tony Ceto June 11, 2007
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