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Used to refer to someone.
"What's up with your lips?"
"Your lips are on fire!" (meaning you, or your lips, are doing very good at something so as to be on fire)
by Tony June 25, 2003
a scary ass ghetto ass nigga
an ebonic name for "friend or friendly acquaintance"
whats the deal homeskillet?
by tony February 11, 2003
A bitchy slut from BHS that sucks cock in the E-Hall bathrooms before lunch; a slut that pretrnds to be innocent when they know they're a horny bitch; a slut that loved it up the ass.
I did a Mohsin twice.
by tony June 10, 2004
A name for any person who is talks normally on vent, and when you call his name, magically vanishes from his computer.

One who toggles on and off in order to impress and/or look leet.

One who sucks at cs because he plays too much WoW.
"Yo, My priestess of the moon is level 32."

"you're such a kaos."
by Tony March 19, 2005
to cheer for a team with spirit! or if u c a hot babe w/ milkshakes
guy1-wow what a babe! check her out!
guy2- WHO DEY! im goin dancing tonight!
guy1 the benglas won!
guy2 WHO DEY!
by tony December 15, 2003
a way to describe your aunt frieda's fat ass and hangy tits.
oh johnny , do you think I'm too fat to fuck?
oh no auntie "f", thats just more cushin for the pushin.
O.k. then ride me like the pig that I am.
by tony January 24, 2004
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