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4 definitions by Tonto

To embark on what appears to be a dead cert but turns out to be horribly and desperately disappointing and humiliates you in front of your friends.
"You wouldn't believe it, Christian did a complete pearcey last week. He took a young swedish girl to St Tropez for a week and spent €40,000 and didn't even get his fingers wet or his cock felt! Loser!"
by Tonto September 16, 2004
7 4
the greatest ska band in the northern hemisphere
jade fire is fuckin a' mazing.
by Tonto September 19, 2003
2 8
A "Shit House" is what you call someone who is very ugly.
"Look at that guy over there with the mullet, what a shit house.
by Tonto November 18, 2004
3 15
A word used in the 60's to refer to meth amphetamine
Hey man, can you get any zip?
by tonto March 12, 2005
8 37