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the most gloriously glorious of all screw holes on your partner's body, namely a vagina for girls, can be the arsehole in certain situations however.
"dude... her gullyhole was so effing tight... i thought i was going to spooge my pants just seeing it."
by Tomzilla April 10, 2005
A person that uses "lol", "rofl", "lmao", or other Internet acronyms with similar meanings all the time on a chat/messenger program.
Tom: you are a lolphile
Rose: lolphile
Rose: lol
Tom: you know I'm right
Rose: lol
Tom: See..
by ToMZiLLA April 18, 2005
any man who is very open about humping other men and letting them hump him
"dude, that rainbow rocketeer over there was saying how his life partner tore his sphincter in three last night, i about tossed my effinglunch!"
by Tomzilla April 10, 2005
pubes on a guys balls that tickles a girl nose when she gives him head
"dude, your nutstash has grown outside of your boxers.."

"omg, she sneezed about 8 times because of my nutstash"
by Tomzilla April 10, 2005

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