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One who lives to guard the existence of felines with his life. A person who is very good with computers, and is usually a 4.0 student. His parents shall be divorced, and make all of his gamer tags relevant to cats. His background on his computer should be a big cat. He spends 99% of his time reading about pussy (cats) and is also known by the name of Anthony.
Damn cat guardian really knows a lot about dat pussy
#cats #anthony #cat #feline #pussy
by Toms disappointed father December 17, 2012
A Halo/borderlands/pokemon/magic/every other game known to mankind playing person who comes into your room at odd times of the day to take food/other various forms of candy i.e. FUN DIP

a person who cares more about his K/D ratio on halo than he does about his GPA

the vibration of an xbox controller gives him more pleasure than any vagina he's ever had...and by any vagina I mean absolutely none
There goes TOM with all our food again
#tom #tooommmm #fat tom #fat #fun dip
by Toms disappointed father December 17, 2012
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