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A raised, sheltered landing extending from the front of a house, often found with houses sitting noticeably above street-level. Not nice enough to count as a proper porch, too small and covered to be considered a patio.
I was sitting on my front porchio sipping on some iced tea and reading the funny papers.
by Tommysaurus Rex May 04, 2010
Cheese Weed is one of several nicknames given to Malva neglecta, a winter-summer annual weed (also known as Common Mallow, Cheeses, Cheese Mallow, Dwarf Mallow, Running Mallow, Malice, Round Dock, Button Weed, Round-Leaved Mallow and Low Mallow). “Cheese Weed” can be found in fields, gardens and disturbed areas of turfgrass and thrives in much of the continental U.S. Malva neglecta is called "Cheese Weed" because of its fruit, which is shaped like a wheel of cheese.
My uncle Chaz has a really bad Cheese Weed infestation in his back yard; looks like we'll have to practice our back-flips somewhere else.
by Tommysaurus Rex June 10, 2010

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