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crabs or crotch critters that creep around your crotch. Something that u need to look out for before you get all up on or in someone elses crotch
wow, that bitch wanted me to eat her vertical bacon sandwich and it was infested with crotch crickets
by Tommygunz45k May 03, 2007
refering to a womans vagina, camel toe, or beef curtians. the pussy lips just all chillin
that girl amber has the tastiest vertical bacon sandwich i have ever had the pleasure of eatin for hours
by Tommygunz45k May 03, 2007
someone who notices your boogers before u even feel them crusting up. they often feel it necessary to let you know about your self and the hefty booger that you have hanging out.
did you see the booger hanging out of that bitches nose. wow you think she could have felt that hefty fucker just dangling.

amber is such a booger stalker she told me about this booger she spotted in sheri's nose the other day
by Tommygunz45k May 03, 2007
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