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The smell of bacon frying in the morning that permeates throughout the home thus awakening anyone sleeping in. Whether they wake because they love bacon or are afraid they will miss breakfast.
"Dude, I couldn't sleep any longer, your porcine alarm clock told me I needed to grab some bacon before it was all gone"


"Are you setting the porcine alarm for the morning?" "Hell yes, I got 2 lbs of smoked thick cut bacon ready in the fridge"
by TommyGunz519 September 11, 2011
Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off - Pissed (or Pissing) My Pants A Little
"That text was so funny - ROFLMAO PMPAL"
by TommyGunz519 September 13, 2011
When you want to bang/have banged someone for bragging rights only, but avoid a relationship with them because of high maintenance
"Dude, I totally have shagging rights to that hottie over there"
"Aww Man, she's so hott, you goin to hit it again?"
"Nope, just another notch on the bedpost"
by TommyGunz519 August 18, 2011
Another term for "cock blocking" except the offending person, or item is actually "killing your wood" because it is distracting you and/or so repulsive you could not possibly be aroused while you are thinking about it.
Dude, I love this truck but the purple color is totally lumberjacking my game.

Did you see her ugly friend? As long as she was around she was lumberjacking me while I was hitting on the hot one.

We were eating at this fancy restaurant, but watching her eat snails totally lumberjacked me
by TommyGunz519 September 18, 2011

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