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All in one,
Could be used to describe various software that is bundled in one package but could also be used for alot more other things.
Dude1: this package got a AIO bundle, so we don't need to buy the rest of the software separetly
by TommyFireWire November 21, 2005
Done it, it can also be dunnit or donit, donnit
Dude 1: This is my first time I smoke weed!
Dude 2: I've dunit already
by Tommyfirewire October 05, 2005
Nothing Special, used when you don't want to say alot to describe how you feel at the moment.
Dude1: Hey man how are you doing?
Dude2: ns, u?
by TommyFireWire March 19, 2006
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