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A culture that is increasingly defined by the prevalence of tattoos, especially on young women.
"It is amazing to see that we went from a Victorian, prudish culture to a Tramp Stamp Nation in just over 100 years."
by Tommy2011 September 23, 2011

A tasty or appealing chode.
Jen was licking Sam's chode, and, surprisingly, she found it chodelicious.
by Tommy2011 September 23, 2011

The act of wiping one's hands on one's clothing after urinating, but not actually washing one's hands.
Although the restaurant had a strict hand-washing policy prior to exiting the Men's Room, Jose simply gave himself a quick Mexican handwash by rubbing his hands on his poncho.
by Tommy2011 September 23, 2011
noun, adjective-

1. A resident of Wasilla, Alaska.
2. A bumbling, trashy, dolt.
3. (adj.) the state of being Wasillian
With all the kids born out of wedlock and the trashy tattoos, the family next door was positively wasillian.
by Tommy2011 September 24, 2011
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