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4 definitions by Tommy Versetti

1.Someone who consistantly does stupid tricks in a hopeless effort to impress people.
2.A person who has to tell you everytime he does something good.
"Hey Tony! Did you see that shot i made?" "Wow, Johnny, you're a true pokemon master there"
by Tommy Versetti February 21, 2005
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One of the best style of games out there. Involves having control of a nation, military force, or even a city.Hated by all those rts fags who wonder around magical kingdoms to trade gold and dance for each other.

Incudes: Command&Conquer Age of Empires
Starcraft Dune(the game)
Rome Warcraft 1,2,3
LOTR Battle for middle Earth
"Dude, my army so pwns urs"
"U guys suk i hate it this dumb game, im gonna play marowind"
"Damn I hate RTS"
by Tommy Versetti May 28, 2005
64 109
A thing

A thing that u dont wanna meet.

A thing so horrifying and evil and stupid and large, it will make u crap ur pants on site.

When she walks into a dance , the DJ plays the song "convoy"

If she wears brown, people begin to load her full of UPS boxes
"I suk horribly at BFV"

"My only friends are the 15 bottles of Bawls i drink a day"

"Hey fatty"
by Tommy Versetti May 24, 2004
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The technique of putting feces (any kind will do) into a paper bag along with m80s or quarter sticks and detonating them along the side of a road as a vehicle passes, thus splattering shit on the car. (note the explosives must be on the side closest to the curb)
"Jimmy did an Iraqi on your mom's minivan last night"
by Tommy Versetti February 21, 2005
31 98