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When you hang out with somebody who is lame, but only because you feel bad.
Dude 1: Yeah, so I hung out with Adam the other day.
Dude 2: Why? That dude is so lame.
Dude 1: Yeah, I know. It was a total mercy chilling.
by Tommy Vancouver August 24, 2009
1) The group of people who support the band "The Vancouver Project." They, generally, wear either a black hoodie or track jacket with the words "VP Crew" in the upper corner and military caps that match.

2) A group of gamers on X-Box Live. They play Halo 3 primarily, but have been known to be found on Left 4 Dead. They can be recognized through their gamer motto simply saying "VP Crew" however, in games of Halo 3, they are marked with a bear claw inside a circle.
1) Yeah dude, the kids in the VP Crew are really dedicated to that band. It's actually pretty impressive.

2) Dude, the kids who play in the VP Crew are such assholes. I'm pretty sure the one kid told me he had sex with my dad.
by Tommy Vancouver August 24, 2009
Pretty much the deadliest alcoholic beverage you could ever intake.

All you have to do is take two things that taste bad, mix them, and drink.

It's a quick way to get drunk.
You guys are all so hammered already. I guess I'm gonna have to Switchblade and Thunder this bitch.
by Tommy Vancouver August 23, 2009
The Native American tribe of Upstate New York.

This word loosely translates to "those who are friends with bears"

More commonly said in reference to a person.
Man, that guy is such a Judkins. I wouldn't mess with him.
by Tommy Vancouver August 23, 2009
the highest level of bad ass you can achieve. it is damn near, but not completely, impossible to gain the status of the grizzly
Yo man, fuck Baller Status. Grizzly status all the way.
by Tommy Vancouver August 21, 2009
That thing your girlfriend gets so you can't play video games while she's at your house
God dammit. My girlfriend got her period and now I can't play on X-Box Live
by Tommy Vancouver August 21, 2009
A comment that one leaves on something on the internet to suggest disapproval.

Essentially, it is booing, without having any tomatoes to throw.

Can be abbreviated as TOT or T.O.T.
Make that video sucked ass. "Temporarily Out of Tomatoes"
by Tommy Vancouver August 25, 2009

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