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While having sex with your girlfriend standing up against a wall doggy style, you insert your finger into her anus. She then yells and tries to climb the wall in shock like a screaming gecko. Thus you have what is known as screaming gecko.
"My boyfriend is such a dick! He screaming geckoed me last night!
by Tommy TT April 21, 2011
Someone who is doughy in the head and constantly makes dumb decisions or says dumb things. When their stupidity is pointed out to them, they are usually to stupid to understand and give you a vacant look.
A chick asked me what the price was on a CD yesterday. I pointed to the huge orange price sticker and said, 'it's right there.' She vacantly looked at me and said 'so what's the price?' What a fucking dough banger!
by Tommy TT January 31, 2014

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