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a talented individual capable of making his farts seem as if they came from a different location, much like a normal ventriloquist would do with his dummy.
(a fart commences)
Person 1: "dude what the fuck was that"
Person 2: "What you act like you've never heard a fart before"
Person 1: "yea but it sounded like it came from over there, what are you like some kind of butt ventriloquist."
by Tommy Stanek November 03, 2006
A vagina that has been penetrated so often throughout it's existence that it's inards are being worn on the outside. Which then causes the snatch to resemble that of guacamole.
"Dude don't hit on that Ashley chick man, I fucked her 3 months ago and that bitch had a mean ass guacamole cooch."
by Tommy Stanek October 29, 2006
being in a car(whether in motion or not)and the driver rips a mean ass fart and then proceeds to roll the window and lock the doors so that way everyone gets high off the fumes.
person 1: what the fuck is that fucked up smell, did someone shit themselves?
(windows and doors become unaccessible)
person 1: dude what the fuck let me out!
person 2: sit back and relax man we're just fuckin hot boxin' it
by Tommy Stanek November 03, 2006
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