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1. Run DMC (the first to make it big
2. 2Pac (Deepest lyrics)
3. Notorious B.I.G. (King of NY)
4. Jay-Z (Best Rapper Alive)
5. Eminem (Most controversial)
6. LL Cool J (11 albums and about 20 years)
7. Public Enemy (Great social commentary)
8. N.W.A. (Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, and Easy E, 'nuff said)
9. Eric B. & Rakim (Don't sweat the technique)
10. Nas (When at his best is top 5)
11. Beastie Boys (the white Run DMC)
12. Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick (Unbelieveable beats and fresh style)
13. Snoop Dogg (Smooth lyricist)
14. Fugees (If only they would have stayed together for a longer time)
15. P.Diddy (Maybe not the greatest rapper, but essential to making rap what it is today)
16. Outkast (Different in a good way)
17. KRS-One (Reppin' South Bronx)
18. Busta Rhymes (He'll make it clap)
19. Missy Elliott (Queen MC)
20. DMX (No one has more passion for rap)
Run DMC is the world's best rap group.
by Tommy Prieto October 11, 2004
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