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3 definitions by Tommy Okktane

Excessively drunk, lacking all basic motor functions.
I was so Tom-Faced last night I passed out on Roger's couch.
by Tommy Okktane December 29, 2003
4 1
a clever way of typing "laters" in an IM to someone.
WutAbOuTDIgGa78: Take it ease
ExcarDONme913: Laid hers
by Tommy Okktane December 30, 2003
3 8
(n.) 1. one's ball sack 2.an amazing Negro League and MLB pitcher. (Also referred to as Satch L. Paige)
Digga asked if you could stop kicking him in the satchel paige, it's starting to hurt.
by Tommy Okktane December 29, 2003
3 8