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Sent via text, the acronym "GMFBO" stands for "Giggling My Fucking Balls Off" this acronym is a more vulgar version of saying LOL or LMFAO. This should be used by only men, transgenders or women who also happen to possess testicles
Helen: My parents are idiots! They think I'm going to the football game when I'm actually going whoring around with my slutty friends!

Gene: GMFBO!
by Tommy Littlefoot III May 27, 2012
SMTO is a text which females would send as a more vulgar form of LOL or LMFAO. The acronym means "Snickering My Tits Off" it should be used by only females or large breasted men
Gene: your brother is so stupid, he thinks his anus is a vagina and that's why he is ridiculously gay

Helen: SMTO!
by Tommy Littlefoot III May 27, 2012

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