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The son of Lucrecia.

Sephiroth was the first ever human to be injected with Jenova cells. There are many like him. Although there are few who are as strong as him. He is the person who called upon meteor to injure the planet.
Sephiroth is the man who will destroy this planet.
by Tommy Kerr August 15, 2005
A manga (Japanese comic book) In which a young school boy finds a book called a Deathnote. If he writes someones name in the Deathnote they will die.
1. Have you read the latest chapter of Deathnote?

2. I'm going to kill him by writing his name in the Deathnote
by Tommy Kerr August 14, 2005
It's a KIRBY!!! The character from a popular video game and cartoon.
by Tommy Kerr August 15, 2005
A vulgar term for someone purposely being stupid.

Tard being derived from Retard
Arse being the general British term for backside. a.k.a. Ass.
The "Tardarse" OmFg Im So HoTt TaLk To Me BaBy!1!!!

The non "tardarse" Will you shut the hell up you god damn tardarse!
by Tommy Kerr August 14, 2005
Pumpernickels is an expletive on Buddypic.com. It substitutes the word "nude(s)" for "pumpernicke(s)"
1. Send me your pumpernickels baby.
by Tommy Kerr August 14, 2005
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