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A very beautiful and spontaneous woman. Everyone should know Erin because she is an extremely great person. If a guy where to ever date he he would be the luckiest man on the earth because Erin is a smart funny intelligent fun to hang around person.She has really pretty brown eyes and there not just any brown eyes, her eyes you just want to look at all day everyday because you never want to let her leave your sight. Also with her pretty brown eyes you might even find yourself "eye flirting" with her across the room or bar. She is the girl you fall asleep thinking about. Erin also likes to spend her leisure time to sing and dance and hang out with. So if any guy were to ever date Erin you better take really good care of her because shes a keeper and you will never want to let her go.
" Erin your such an amazing person to be around "
" I wish I could spend lots of time getting to know Erin "
" Dude Erin is so gorgeous "
by Tommy Hicks April 11, 2013

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