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Verb. To Foulkrod. One who is said to be Foulkroding it up or Foulkroding about is acting in a spastic manner which creates the appearance of the presence of mental and/or physical handicaps. Subject may wear Playstation parts around his/her neck and declare it his/her "spinner" chain.
Subject also may choose to defend his/her friends by yelling and gesturing with his hands "his deck is this big" in reference to their prestigious pokemon collection.

Adj. Used to describe a person who is slacking or acting in an otherwise slightly retarded manner while playing video games or participating in sports.

Adv. Can modify any verd in order to express the lack of intelligence displayed by said Foulkroder
Person 1: Dude, you got killed 6 times in a row...

Person 2: Yeahhhh. I know. I'm kinda Foulkroding it up right now.

Person 1: Wow I can't believe Braylon Edwards just dropped that pass

Person 2: Yeahhh kind of a Foulkrod move on his part.
by Tommy Green-Ranger January 06, 2010

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