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To slap your cock against a woman's face.
Chan: I blap'd her!*BLAP*
by Tommy C July 07, 2005
Snafe is another way to greet a bredwin if u aint seen them in time.
Tommy C - "Snafe ma bredwin"
Shane - "Snafe"
by Tommy C November 17, 2004
Gang Rape
She was Newcastled!
by Tommy C December 01, 2003
A way for an onlooker to spark up a fight between two people after a cuss from one person to the other.

(Note: Nuff respect - Knee AL)
Dan: What you looking at?
Thomas: Your mum!

Onlooker: Oh No! (O-NO!)

(sometimes followed by ..."OH NO, SERIOUSLY!)
by Tommy C July 07, 2005

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