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Din-din is the word used when an owner is about to feed primarily their dog and sometimes their cat dinner hoping that for some reason the pet will magically understand what you mean.
Owner: "Hey Rover, are you ready for some din-din?"
(Dog doesn't show any sign of excitement)
Owner: "Good boy!"
by Tommy Boy G March 19, 2007
1: The word that Americans that have travelled around the word use for the word "grain". Other words they suck at saying include "great", "grab", "greed", "group", etc.

2: A musical peice that very few people know about.

(pronounced kren with a french accent)
"It's good for you and it has a lot of kgreigns."

"I listened to Kgreign yesterday."
by Tommy boy G March 02, 2007
A sharp pain in the tendons of your arm that you get when you play fooball too often. It disables you from easy, everyday tasks such as making a fist, doing push-ups, or simply masturbating. It feels like your tendons are very crusty.
Guy: "Ah man, I have the worst foozballitis. My tendons are all crusty!"
by Tommy Boy G November 19, 2007


The dance in which one forms fists with both hands and holds out both arms and pulls them back and forth while moving the penil area forward and backward like your humping an ultra horny version of Pam Anderson or something.
Person: Dude, did you see Jed at the dance last night? He was doing the harpoonski by himself in the back of the room for six straight hours.
by Tommy Boy G April 25, 2007
1) An obnoxious phrase used when one being pisses the shit out of you.

2) A substitute for the phrase "kind of".

2) Person 1: "Do you like my gouch?"
Person 2: "Caugh"
by Tommy boy G March 01, 2007

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