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Particularly the inhabitants of the southeast,n.carolina, s.carolina, georgia, alabama, missippi, tennesee, missouri anywhere else it is proper to say ya'll etc.texas is not included texas a.k.a= mexico substitute.The epitamy of everything wrong in the world. Hate for the southeastern part of the united states is an understatement. This is where idiots reign supreme and anyone half a brain can lead these people. Where everyone elses tax-dollars go to people who pay the least. If you are not white,baptist and a racist you will not fit in! A place where a fake cloud of moral superiority blinded by social irresponsibility go hand in hand. A people of few words and then the words that happen to come in the form of a partial, gramatically incorrect sentence make you wanna slap these dumb-mother fuckers in the face. A place where you do not eat ethnic foods, not because they don't have them but they bland everything thing to their palette example: chinese food, fried rice will be called just rice, lo mein will simply be noodles, Italian food everything will have to taste like chef boyordee and don't dare put garlic in it or herbs it is considered an evil witch brew. Polish and german food don't even try a brat/sausage will be a hotdog, if you even say the word saurkraut their heads will cock sideways like that look a retarded dog gives you. Beer will usually be a piss tasting domestic; miluakees beast light/ Pabst or the redneck fav Nattie Ice. Cigarettes will be 100's to the southerner they think they are getting more for their money and usually doral's or liggets or someother amonia tasting off-brand. ideaology how the world works is that they want lower taxes which they get and a social system that pleases them. they usually bitch about their healthcare(the worst) and then complain about taxes. Will defend their decisions to the end like a con on death-row. example: voting in the worst president in the history of the United States and supporting his war of Scare-or. Please if you are from the south stay there in your pit of wallow, we do not want your ideaology anywhere else.
"The southerners must be stopped. I suggest a second civil war but this time we keep the their asses away for good it would be horrible but sometime's you got to cut off a leg to save the whole body."

" Republican "

Living in an alternate reality."
by Tommy'sMommy March 27, 2007

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