124 definitions by Tommy

inside joke mofos suks to be so suk my dik biatch
ginelle thompson nos wat dis shit meens
by Tommy February 07, 2005
having sex with a female very hard, usually in the arsehole.
i tanked those little bitches down souf' fo' reel!
by tommy November 04, 2004
An object, usually a golf club or baseball bat hidden under the passenger seat of an automobile, used to beat the crap out of anyone who gives you shit while you are in or near your car.
Norris, go get my pillow fluffer out of the car so I can smash this kids face in.
by Tommy May 31, 2003
blonde girl in cosmo hott nice ass she nos dam rite bitch
she hott and she has a nice bumm bumm i want to touchj it
by Tommy February 07, 2005
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