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It is said that there is a rock formation behind Bob Marleys house. It is said that if you go on top of this formation and look a certain direction at a certain time of day, the light shines perfectly onto Bob Marleys private Cannabis reserve that remains hidden until this day. The gate that guards this field was made from metal to form the doors as Cannabis leafs.
Me and my friends are setting out to Jamaica to find the Gates of Ganja
#ganja #gates #weed #bob marley #marijuana
by Tommmyyyy December 14, 2007
The smoke that is left in the chamber of a bong when a smoker cannot pull all the smoke through in one hit.
Carson: yo tom, i cant finish this bong, take it.

Tom: screw that man, i aint taking that dirty chamber.
#smoke #weed #chamber #dirty #marijuana #ganja #bong
by Tommmyyyy December 14, 2007
ASAP is what an experienced cannabis smoker will tell an amateur smoker when he/she is ripping a bong. ASAP itself will stand for : As Slow As Possible, because at first when you start ripping a bong, you have to start off slow, where many inexperienced smokers pull to hard off the start and waste mass amounts of cannabis.
Carson: (starts rippin hard)

Jonny: NO MAN NO....GO ASAP...ASAP!!!!
#bong #smoke #weed #asap #ganja #ripped
by Tommmyyyy December 14, 2007
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