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Partly drunken beers left on tables overnight after parties. Preferably in plastic cups. Or left out for several days or even weeks or months. Possibly with cigarette butts in them. Possibly growing things too. Turning green or red.

Also the smell of old beers. Possibly also including the leftover smell on humans that persists even after they have showered.
The fraternity basement was disgusting. It is already Wednesday and there are still mung beers everywhere.

No matter how long I am away I can still remember the smell of mung beer.

You smell like mung.
by Tommie T June 28, 2009
1. Short for agricultural.
2. Short for aggregate.
1. Father is an agro phile in Texas. Mother's on the bar most every night.

2. I don't want to hear the inter ludes, just tell me the aggregates. Got that? Just the aggros.

3. You need to add a lot of aggregate or you are going to run out of cement. So go heavy on the aggro
by Tommie T June 28, 2009
When public employees, especially police, fire, toll and emergency workers, hide away somewhere away from the public, possibly together, in order to goof off on the job, or pad their hours, especially for overtime pay.
Joe pulled in 2000 hours of overtime last year from cottaging on the job.
by Tommie T December 10, 2011
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