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3 definitions by Tommerbomber

the woman wraps her legs around the man during penetration. she is then held while the man goes to spinning around as fast as he can, bashing her into pieces of furniture and trying to break as much as possible. this act ends when the man reaches maximum velocity and lets go thus throwing her.
holy shit this place looks like a Hungarian tornado just hit.
by Tommerbomber September 17, 2008
The act of pile driving a woman while she is giving you head and wraps her legs around your neck while you hold her middle. usually done by jumping off the bead and holding her hair for maximum results.
man, dude, i just flying screwhammered that girl!
by Tommerbomber September 17, 2008
After holding it in as long as possible A person lays on their back and points their ass into the air. they then launch out shit as forcefully as possible trying to turn it into missiles. this is obviously a sport between multiple people. first one to be covered loses.
by Tommerbomber September 17, 2008