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Nuggets of highest quality marijuana buds. Used to make butane-extracted hash oil (BHO) which can become Shatter.
Those Nug Run flowers were so potent, extracting those nugs produced possibly the most potent oil ever.
#shatter #hash #marijuana #wax #bho
by TommH June 26, 2014
megadose n. An exceptionally large dose, as of a drug or vitamin.
Dr. Linus Pauling, the only two-time sole winner of a Nobel Prize, advocated taking a megadose of Vitamin C every day.

Antonym - see negadose
#vitamin #drug #mega dose #negadose #dose
by TommH February 11, 2012
Noun that describes how much of an effective ingredient is contained in a dose of homeopathic medicine. An antonym to megadose. If a megadose contains a billion molecules, a negadose contains one molecule. Contrary to certain claims, taking a negadose cannot consist of taking less than nothing.
There is no way that homeopathic remedy can work because the active ingredient has been diluted down to only one molecule, and such a negadose cannot possibly be effective.
#homeopathy #homeopathic #megadose #medicine #pill
by TommH January 11, 2012
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