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A synonym of the word "fail". This slang word is reported to be commonly used by gamers in Southeast Asia, hence its obscurity amongst English speakers.
Ian: The new Windows Live Messenger is pretty thein-win!

Teacher: Sorry Raymond, but your exam results were thein-win.
by Tomia Muset February 12, 2009
Social networking service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates on their bowel movements (called "twats" or "shits").

Formerly known as Shitter, before the feature of sending multimedia twats was made available, and the daily limit of shits was increased from 100 to 1000.
Poon: Thanks to Twatter, I get to know not only when my friends take a dump, but also how the shit smelt like, its composition and occasionally, how it tasted!

Donna: I'm glad twats can be sent as text, images, video and audio! Personally, I film my whole defecation and post it for my friends. This occurs in excess of 600 times a day.
by Tomia Muset February 13, 2009

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