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The best hip-hop group coming out of Illadelph. It originated with Black Thought and ?uestLove. Malik B., Kamal, Hub, and Rahzel were added to the group later on. Malik B. is no longer apart of the group due to drug problems. They are succesful in making commercial tracks while staying away from the mainstream rap you hear nowadays.
Mike: Wattup dunn, you tryn to cop that Ja rule cd?
Dan: Who?
Mike: JA RULE!
Dan: Nah... whoever that is. I'm tryin' to get The Tipping Point by the Roots, but I'm broke as fuck, gotta wait for that welfare to come in.
by Tomi OHh! June 04, 2005
Divergence or disagreement, as between facts or claims; difference.
Jamal: Check out this Quarter O I bought from my dealer!
Carter: Aye nigga this is one big ass discrepancy, you got shorted.
by Tomi OHh! August 07, 2005

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