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Chavs vary from working class to middle class- usually.

A middle class chav will:
-Be intimidated by fellow lower class chavs, strive to fit in and hence reform to chav beliving its the only form of acceptance. Though will still get the piss taken out of by other chavs. There is hope for them that they wil see sence.

A working class chav will:
-THINK that they are from the GHETTO. Point of there existance- WANT TO BE BLACK.

Picture this: A 14 year old girl and a 16/15 year old boy hanging outside Mcdonalds. Probably smoking a pack of Mayfair.
Girl- too much orange foundation, badly done eyemake up, straw like hair after exessive straightening, or over moussed into rats-tails like way. Otherwise slickbacked greasy hair. HUGE fake gold Argos earings. Loads of cheap soverign rings, some saying words like 'SISTER' (or in this case 'MUM'. Lacoste or Sergio trainers, Chav Jeans (or trakkie bottoms), Leg warmers, Chav branded hoodie. Carrying FAKE Louis Vuitton, Guicci, Prada handbag/POUCH. Bottle of WHITE LIGHTENING or CIDER in the oher hand. Smelling of cheap 'SO...?' deodrant. Possibly pregnant or desting to be, looking disgusted at Goths, Rockers, Skaters, Emos passing by.

Boy- over gelled short hair, dirty looking face, smelling of Lynx and fags. 'Nike' pouch over Sergio nylon hoodie, Mckenzie tracksuit bottoms, big black wool socks and black Lacoste trainers. Lots of cheap Soverign rings. Terrible acne and greasy looking. Arm round chav girl. Trying to be intimidating to innocent passers by, talking with crap etiquette using words like 'SAFE, BRAP, INIT, WAZTEGASH, BLUP' And swearing exessivly.

A chav goes around with another 20 or so. They make 'friends' so they look more popular. Chav girls bitch about eachother non-stop, one minute 'BFFL' the next 'OMDZ U FOKIN TRAMPI SLUT'. Boys just fight, too dumb to have a conversation talk about who theyve got preggers maybe.

Chavs strive to be accepted by the next. They dress like clones. Scum of the earth, start fights for no reason (except to make themselves seem 'HARD').

Will come out of school with no GCSE'S. Work in Mcdonalds untill they get bored stay at home with their 30 children and free load of the goverment for the rest of their lives.

Chav Chealzii: Omdz look at dat goff!
Chav Nataliie: Omdz enit shes a freek lolz
Chav Chealzii: Lets go and batta her cus we is hard
Chav Nataliie: Nana not now i wanna goez nd get fingerd by Kev init nd get preggerzz- nearli my 13th!
Chav Chealzii: O yeye cum den lolz!
by Tomethy August 27, 2007

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