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A saggy, vainy clitoris
She pulled down her pants and there it was, the qua96n of a 90 year old woman.
by Tomeroni10 November 27, 2011
A super heated titanium dildo most commonly used in Pakistan and by Ronald McDonald on innocent children usually ranging from 5-7 years old.
1. The 9 year old girl in Pakistan used the titanium cucumber to shove up her ass for fun.

2. Ronald McDonald violated the little boy brutally with a titanium cucumber.
by Tomeroni10 November 27, 2011
When one throws an IPod touch/IPhone playing a video of gay porn at another as a joke. The one throwing the gay bomb, as well as the one getting gay bombed, is normally not homosexual, making a odd and awkward, yet funny situation for both people.
Thomas: "Let me see your Ipod touch for a second, I have something to show you."

Ben: "Okay,"

Thomas: (Throws an IPod touch at Ben playing a gay porn video: "Cowboys riding stallions" at full volume)

Ben: "What the fuck! Why did you have to gay bomb right in the middle of Minecraft! I'm killling a creeper asshole!"

Thomas: "HAHA"
by Tomeroni10 March 28, 2011
1. Just a word used on a sign to attract attention.

2. A word used to tell someone to take into consideration because of importance.
1. Notice: This sign serves no meaning. It was just a test to see if you would pay attention to this sign because it had "Notice:" in it. It worked.

2. Notice: Any trespassers will be shot.
by Tomeroni10 March 21, 2011
A small town located near Concord. Good things about Bow: Quiet neighborhoods and good people. Bad things about Bow: Annoying police and those damn birds that suck. Overall, it is a all around great place.

Not a lot to do, but still a good area for raising kids, because of the good school system and the relatively nice enviroment.

The winters are cold and the summers are HOT. The weather is really great for all experiences.
New Mom: "Let's move to Bow, NH!"
New Dad: "Great idea! I hear it's great at Bow, NH!"
by Tomeroni10 March 21, 2011
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