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When an Emo hears a couple close by, either being a neighbour or just complete strangers, having sex and would play the guitar as support for the couple to have rhythmical intercourse.
*Tom and Molly having sex*

Emo: oh crap, people close by which i believe are my neighbours are having sex again. Stair way to Heaven, here I come! It's time to get my Emo swag on!

Disclaimer~ this situation is fictional and is not based on real people, if you know anyone with these names it is simply a coincidence.
by Tomatosaregood December 27, 2011
The same as bromance, but for girls.
Amy and Molly have a good galmance.
by Tomatosaregood December 30, 2011
simply a shortened abbreviation of the words free period, free period being a free lesson at a place of education.
person 1: have you got a freep now?
person 2: nah, i've got english!
person 1: awww man!
by Tomatosaregood December 12, 2011

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