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1. the state between fizzing and settling, known as humfizzin'.

2. an event that could have either caused unsettling reactions or tension within a group of friends.
1. I love soda when it's in the humfizzin' stage.
2. She's makin' this conversatinon a little humfizzin'.
by tomato24/7 February 26, 2010
shabby goody two-shoes who enjoys classical music and jammin' on the harmonica. Joseppi is the name of the kind of guy that would buy 20 sandwiches if you asked for tomato.
Guy 1: Oh my god that guy was such a Joseppi.
Guy 2: Yeah he was wearing a plaid shirt today at the science fair.
by Tomato24/7 February 26, 2010
One who is half asian, half italian, usually a wannabe hipster who fails at being different and ends up usually just looking like a tool.
Person 1:Jesus-is she even asian?
Person 2:Yeah but she's also italian.
Person 1:Oh so it doesn't really count, shes just italiasian.
by Tomato24/7 May 12, 2010
A wannabe asian. Not cool at all and annoying as hell.
M: God she is SUCH an Asian!
S: NOt really-she's just a fasian!
M: But her name's Jung!
S: Doubt it!
by Tomato24/7 May 12, 2010
Bullshit bullshit multiple schlorosis
Facebook rapist
You are such a bumsquat
by Tomato24/7 October 16, 2010

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