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5 definitions by Tomato

a spicy side dish in asian resturants that makes you shit for days on end, or a universal curse word....either one works.
goddamn mecrob, i just blew one out my ass......
by tomato November 02, 2003
n. The end of the rake used for raking, not the pole end.

v. To anally attack using a rake, but not the pole end, the 'rakey-end'
"I'll rakey-end your mom!!"
by Tomato April 05, 2005
See newbie. Generally, a person obsessed with seals, as well as other newbie-like things.
You're such a Dusqi. I mean...really! It's embaressing!
by Tomato January 25, 2004
The Phat Beat Master
"man, Static1403 just dropped a phat beat"
by tomato November 01, 2003
satans twin nan
blah blah blah
by tomato January 05, 2004