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7 definitions by Tomanton

A male who prefers full figured/obese woman as love interests.

One woman may say to another:
"I had a thing for Conrad.. until I found out he was such a whale hunter!"
by Tomanton February 18, 2005
47 15
A term loosely applied to preteen and young teenage girls who seem to be living half-inside a fantasy world. Symptoms include overuse of makeup (specifically glitter and eyeshadow), taking horse-riding lessons, wearing multiple bracelets and other tacky jewelery, reading medieval romance novels, et cetera. NOT to be confused with goths.
"J.B. put big smudges of purple over her eyes, then rubbed glitter over her cheeks. She's got a serious case of Unicorn Syndrome going on.. I don't think she realizes how stupid she looks."
by Tomanton February 11, 2005
34 14
The opposite of a boner. When you are really cold/turned off, your dong will scrunch up so tight that it gets stiff.
Turn on the heater, I'm getting a negative boner.
by Tomanton January 31, 2006
21 5
KILLFUCK SOULSHITTER is a nickname for any crazily overpowered magical attack in an RPG, either online or off. It dosen't have to be the game's most powerfull spell- just sufficiently powerful enough to ensure its target is totally screwed and without even a remote chance of survival. KILLFUCK SOULSHITTER usually involves fireballs or explosions, or both. I'm fairly sure I heard this used somewhere before, but I don't remember where.
A: Yo man, check out this spell.
B: Yeah, what's it called?
*nearby town incinerates*
by tomanton May 10, 2006
39 28
To, when presented with a worst-case scenario to which all other alternatives have been exhausted, simply endure it. Named for the tank character in an MMORPG who is typically responsible for taking the brunt of attacks.
Aww man, I have three exams on one day and none of my profs are willing to let me reschedule.. looks like I gotta tank it.
by Tomanton July 13, 2006
13 7
The french verb for 'To own', like owned and pwned. The actual french verb for posession is Avoir, so Ouner directly refers to a competitive victory.

Present tense

Je oune - I owned
Tu ounes - You owned
Il oune - He owned
Elle oune - She owned
Nous ounons - We owned
Vous ounez - They/You owned ('You' when adressing a stranger)
Ils ounent - Those guys owned
Elles ounent - Those girls owned

Past tense, conjugated with Avoir (To have)

J'ai ouné(e) - I have owned
Tu as ouné - You have owned
Il a ouné - He has owned
Elle a ounée - She has owned
Nous avons ounés - We have owned
Vouz avez ouné - They(You) have owned
Ils ont ounés - Those guys have owned
Elles ont ounées - Those girls have owned
J'ai t'ouné - I owned you!
by Tomanton February 13, 2005
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A tendency to excessively and profanely discipline people that have no relation to you (Friends of your children, Shopkeepers, etc).
He was cursing his daughter's boyfriend up and down because he gave them the wrong directions. It was as if he hat Turnerettes or something.
by Tomanton February 12, 2005
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